Deluxe Satin Kippahs- The all time favorite

Kippahs are the brimless head caps worn by Jewish community. It is mandatory requirement for them to cover their heads with a kippah. It is worn by them during all the important functions like a wedding, a funeral or any other social occasion. It is an orthodox requirement for men of the Jews community. Kippah is also popularly known as Yamulkas and it is available all over the world by the name Kippah or Yamulkes. Although the kippahs are available in numerous varieties, the deluxe satin Kippah is the most popular one.

Deluxe Satin Kippahs are available in numerous colors and designs, some of which are beautifully crafted, others are simple. They are chosen by people depending on the occasion or the event or personal style. If it’s some special event, beautifully crafted and colorful kippah will be ideal and if it’s a sad event like a funeral a black kippah will be fine. Different types of kippahs are available for girls and boys.

Deluxe Satin Kippahs

Deluxe Satin Kippah- The talk of the town

An ideal satin kippah can be bought from a sale satin Kippah. It is recommended in special occasions like marriage. In Jewish wedding it is mandatory for the host to present a deluxe satin Kippah to all the guests who are attending the wedding. There should be a satin kippah on the heads of all the guests.

 It is because the quality of the fabric differs from kippah to kippah. A deluxe satin kippah is considered to be the best because of its luxurious feel and look. It has a smooth and glossy finish and is perfect for every celebration and happy occasions like a wedding. Use of bright colored deluxe satin kippah can be done during wedding but during some serious functions or funerals dark colored kippahs are used.

Look out from the huge Kippah Market

Huge markets offering sale satin kippahs and various other types of Kippahs are found in most of the parts of the world. They are available in wide variety of fabrics and colors. Although the basic design of all the kippahs is same but there is different stamp of quality and expertise. The kippahs can be chosen from an extensive selection which differs mainly in material and quality. The materials out of which the kippahs are made include satin, velvet, moiré and velour, leather, foils, suede etc. They are also available in various colors and décor which can be chosen depending on the occasion. Custom made satin kippahs are also available in the market.

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How to buy best quality Kippahs at extremely affordable prices?

Kippah is most commonly thing which is used among the Jewish belief which is mostly worn on time of occasions and special events like during weddings, supplications and other events.Kippahs are mostly of round in shape and are even found in various sizes, fabrics,colours and even styles.There are certain types of Kippah like Deluxe Satin Kippah which are mostly worn as a custom and likely they wear the Kippah which is either in satin or in some other texture.This Kippah are worn as per situation like a deluxe satin kippah of bright colour are worn at any occasion or gathering where as dark colour Kippah are worn at a memorial service. In the Jewish wedding occasion, it is nearly compulsory to give Deluxe Satin Kippahs to each visitors and guest who are attending the event. They even feel very delighted to offer the wedding kippahs to their visitors.There are many types of kippahs styles and colours will attracts to buy gift for such events and occasion.There are huge number of Kippahs which are sold everywhere and of every size little kippahs, for child kippans for adult and even ladies kippans throughout for child the world every year.One can buy kippahs by doing online shopping where one  can buy it as per his / her choice as there are plenty of Kippahs available online which is a great platform for buying these items.

Teal Satin Kippah

In older times it is believed that as a mark of regard of God the Jewish men wore skullcap which is also called yarmulke, it was little and round in shape and some Jews wore it all the time while some only during prayers. Nowadays Sale Satin Kippah are available in variety of range, sizes, styles and in different colours starting from weaved Kippahs to one having only logos are some kippahs which will cover only little skullcaps and there are some which covers the whole head and some are also like caps. The Kippahs are mostly for adults and new born children’s. These type of specially designed caps of men are mostly sewed from inside to hold to set up the Kippah or by its clips. The sale satin Kippahs of ladies are made of ribbons or lace which are embedded with womanly decorations. Thecaps of children are tied with lace at both the ends to secure it under the chin of the children.

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One Stop Destination to Buy Amazing Quality Deluxe Satin Kippahs Online

As everyone knows kippah is amongst the most promptly identifiable thing of the Jewish belief, normally worn on times of special or important events, for example, supplication, weddings, or other unique events. A few categories of Judas even prefer a kippah to be worn consistently. Kippot are proposed to indicate profound adoration and pride, frequently being among the most delightful things in their religious closet, and for the individuals who just wear their finest, Kippahs Your Way offers a line of premium Deluxe Satin Kippahs.

Kippahs are mostly round in shape and are accessible in various sizes, colors, fabrics, and styles. Some kippahs are plain and some are adorned with logos. Glossy Deluxe Satin Kippahs are worn as a custom. It relies upon which synagogue they visit and in like manner they wear the kippahs either in satin or some other texture.

With Kippahs Your Way web store you can locate an extensive variety of Kippahs available to be purchased. Since Kippah has turned into an image of modesty to be worn constantly. At this site, you will find an incredible collection of designs ideal from formal Deluxe Satin Kippahs to the regular and casual kippahs. You can even get white glossy silk kippah for a fine Jerusalem.

Deluxe Satin Kippahs

Also, while organizing the Jewish wedding occasion, it is basic to give Deluxe Satin Kippahs to each visitor. It is a delight for people to offer the wedding Kippahs to their visitors. There are many varieties of Kippahs styles, and colors that will attract you to buya gift for such occasion.

A huge number of Kippahs or kippot are sold everywhere throughout the world whole year. Individuals buy Kippot worth of 4-million dollars consistently in Israel alone. There’re expansive deluxe satin Kippahs, little kippahs, kippahs for a child and kippahs for ladies too. Thus, a huge number of kippahs are available online. There is a broad assortment of styles and materials utilized by them to make the planet’s least difficult head covering and it is chosen by many people who areregular at following the tradition. is a leading Kippahs shopping store, which helps shoppers to research, find, and purchase Deluxe Satin Kippahs online with confidence.With many active shoppers and a wide range of Kippahs to choose from, the company is a great site to buy special products on special deals on everything.

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Sport Kippahs importance

Kippahs are traditionally attached with Jew faith and tradition. Every Jew man is sure to wear this kippah without fail in all the important occasion.  In this modernized age there is one thing outstanding which is known as  Sport kippahs which will boost the fashion.  Kippah is associated with Jews since ages and the rising interest in Sport Kippah speaks about the minds of the new generation. Though they are broad minded and bold but still they are attached to their basic tradition.

Sport kippahs

Sport kippahs are of great ideas in today’s world

Kippahs Projects the personality: – Sport Kippah brings out the personality of the person wearing it.  It symbolizes the young generation to be bold and come up with radical ideas but keeping its basic in touch.

Support to the sport kippahs: –  Sports is a very known term that teaches a lot about the life as well as the hardships in life.  Wearing this kippah will indicate how the kid is interested in sports besides keeping good health.

Customizing sport kippahs:– wearing sports kippah will  be easily customizable  and can be more creative. Many of them prefer wearing such kippahs.

This kippah shows variety of sports, buy for your kid such sports kippah and watch him enjoy.

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What is the Root cause of wearing Kippahs?

A standout image of Jewishness is the yarmulke or kippah, the little skullcap that is worn by the huge number of attentive Jews around the globe.In Judaism, kippahs are quite often worn by orthodox Jews and usually worn by conservative and reform Jews at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, festivities, and celebrations. Wearing a kippah is constantly required by Jews when entering a Synagogue, and very much suggested for Jews amid their prayers. Since the reason for the covering is to allow one to specify the name of G-d, along these lines when one enters a synagogue, one is obliged to cover his head.


Now, what is the root of this conspicuous implication of the faithful Jewish man?

Strangely enough, the convention to wear a kippah on the head isn’t gotten from any scripture. Though it is a custom which developed as an indication of their acknowledgment that there is Someone “above” them who watches all actions of theirs.

The wearing of a kippot head cover is depicted as “respecting God”, and is said to shield men from the holiness of GOD. It is trusted the root cause of this lies in Old Testament Exodus 34:32-35, where Moses descended from Mt. Sinai and his face shone with a glow from being within the sight of God. So, he had hidden his face to talk with the Israelites. Kippahs are not particularly specified in the Old Testament Bible- Torah, however, is a law of the rabbinic book of Jewish law, Talmud, which states: “Cover your head in order that the fear of heaven may be upon you.”

The son of Rabbi Yoshua, Rabbi Huna says that he would not step six feet without covering his head since the Divine Presence is above him. He can sense the Divine Presence and as an effect of humility, he hides his head. This is an appearance of modesty in face of the Divine Presence. These are articulations of affection towards the Godly Presence, that it is the concept of a man who knows about God, whose radiance fills the world, will try to cover himself.

Current use of Kippahs:

Contingent upon culture, philosophy and even political perspectives, Jews will wear a kippah to recognize themselves with their convictions and specific sect and to separate themselves from different communities, and non-Jews. Usually, kippot style, fabric and additionally colors have turned into a sign of faithfulness to a specific movement or sect.

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Leather Kippahs will make the perfect giveaway for your wedding celebration

Leather Kippahs  importance

Leather kippah is hand sewn kippah that ensures to offer the perfect product. They are very often worn on wedding celebrations or on other important occasions. It is believed that having a leather kippah at home is a blessing.  They are simple, dignified and leather made with a classic look. Wearing a kippah is a Mitzvah which is filled with pride. They use high quality leather for making the kippah. They are available in variety of colors too.

Leather Kippahs

Decorations on Leather Kippahs

Leather Kippahs are hand crafted and beautifully personalized and is accompanied with customized imprint such as your name, date of the occasion, and more. All this will make your event memorable.

Sizes of Leather Kippah

The company offers sizes to fit most of them and the size is almost 6” diameter which is a suggested size for all.  They take orders to provide the Kippahs which will be made in the choices you would like to specifically select for your affair. You can definitely find an ideal head covering for your sacred experience at the company store room.

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What Variants of Satin Kippahs are Available to Choose From?

Kippah is the Hebrew word for the skullcap generally worn by Jewish men. It is likewise called a yarmulke. In older times it was standard for Jews to cover their heads in supplication as an indication of regard for God. It is a little, round head cover worn by some Jews all the time or by some amid prayer times. Satin kippahs in the regular life is an affirmation of the religious character developed as a custom.

Gold Satin kippahs

These days for men regardless of whether satin kippahs are required or discretionary to a great extent relies upon the synagogue they visit.

Variants of Kippahs that are Available:

Nowadays Sale Satin kippah come in a wide range of sizes, style, and colors. Search for the range of kippahs and you will see everything from weaved kippahs in different shades of the colors to kippahs having logos. Some kippahs will cover the whole head, others will be little skullcaps, and some will look like caps.

There is no restriction with regards to the material of which a kippah is made and any material that is used to fill in as a head cover, regardless of whether worn for prayers or occasions or generally for everyday use.

The kippahs are broadly accessible for adults as well as newborn children.In spite of the fact that kippahs have been worn traditionally by men, more Jewish ladies are also wearing exceptionally designed women Deluxe Satin Kippah as an articulation and indication of their belief.

• The Sale Satin kippahs variants for men are mostly linked by a brush sewn inside to help hold the Kippah set up or by Kippah clips.

• If ladies wear the satin kippahs they select ones made of ribbon or lace or that are embellished with womanly decorations.

• A child’s kippah highlights strip like ties that can be secured under the chin of the infant.

Kelly Green Deluxe Satin Kippahs

The assortment of kippahs available enables the wearer to choose whichever kippah suits their need for wearing it or according to their mood. For example, a bright deluxe satin kippah may be worn to an occasion gathering, while a dark kippah may be worn to a memorial service.At last, the choice about whether to wear a kippah or not turns out to be an individual decision and the traditions of the group the individual belongs to.

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Amazing Suede and Knit Kippahs for every Occasion

Covering one’s head is a necessity in any religion is it Hindu, Muslim or Jewish. Life can never be the same when religion comes. Every belief leads to almighty and all prayers are meant for the welfare of the humanity. However, it’s the dressing sense that marks a difference and to make it more prominent the Jewish community practice to wear Kippahs. Modern times see the rise of Suede and  Knit Kippahs. The reason for it is its diversified style and popularity that keeps on growing. From men to women even kids are in love with these amazing products. Suede Kippot Personalized and Bulk Custom suede Yarmulkes by online shops are the best to buy.


As a leading source of Personalized suede Kippot, Yarmulkes and suede Kippahs for all your bar mitzvah, wedding, and any other simcha. The Kippahs are custom and top quality. Each of the bulk Kippahs are beautifully modified and handcrafted and comes with a free custom imprint. We will make you proud with our suede yarmulkes. The kippah seruga, or knit Kippot, has great significance in Jewish culture. Mizrahi Jews, who place reverence for the true essence of the Torah at the center of their faith, have been wearing this distinctive style of kippah for generations. Wearing a Kippah seruga is not only a phrase of confidence but an irrefutable declaration of your positive reception for your legacy and olden times. The implication and beauty of this kippah style makes online sources to be the proud place to offer knit Yarmulkes hand crocheted in this profoundly meaningful tradition.

Suede and Knit Kippahs

Whatever it is one thing is for sure that none can get above these amazing Kippahs as it keeps your faith protected and with clarity. If you want to buy some just check online and live in peace as a good purchase can give you a good sleep. So being a Jewish just opt for variations of Suede and Knit Kippahs and be happy with your culture and heritage.
Feel free to Contact Us get in touch with us at 866.692.1975

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Yamulkes the Perfect Representation of Jewish Culture

The globe has diverse cultures and community, none is similar. The most appealing culture that has taken the world by storm is the Jewish community where everything is specific. Yamulkes is one great thing of the Jewish community.The practice of wearing a yarmulke (kippah in Hebrew) is an ancient tradition that has its roots as a “middas chasiddus” (an act of piety) before becoming accepted as normative practice for Jewish men and boys. There are a number of references to the practice in the Talmud. The word “yarmulke” actually comes from the Aramaic “yarei Malka” – to have “reverence for the King.”

There are references to covering one’s head is originated in tractate Shabbos (156b). There, Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak narrates how his mother told him continually to cover his head, the way that Torah scholars do, so that awe of God would always be upon him. On one juncture, he was studying under a date tree and his hat came off. Looking up, he was attracted by the dates and took a bunch, even though the tree did not belong to him. He learned from this that the yarmulke served to suppress his negative usual leanings. Well, this is the basic story behind the Yamulkes.

However, in modern time diverse kinds of skull caps or kippahs are available to precede the beliefs of the Jewish community. Right from marriage occasion to everyday prayer the kippah is a must have as it offers undivided attention to religion. Without clear guidelines for dimensions, fabric, color, or requirements, the world’s diverse Jewish communities have produced a variety of regulatory and stylistic interpretations of the kippah.What is more all of it quite popular? Yamulkes is becoming the real thing for fashion and elegance. From men to children everyone loves these kippahs. Diverse colors, design and material and personalization have made it a real eye catching stylish must-have for every Jew across the globe.

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Kippahs the Soul of Jewish Culture

What really sets apart the Jews from the rest is their kippahs. It’s a holy cap designed to make the community believe that God is above them.In fact it’s more of a skullcap or by its Hebrew name, kippah is a small, round head covering worn by Jews during prayer and by some Jews at all times. It’s one of the most dynamic cryptograms of the Jewish tradition &required to be worn at all times. One can find many types of such caps but personalized kippahs does change the way one looks.One can design his own one-of-a-kind Kippah, or pick from one of numerous obtainable designs. Select your kippah from a wide variety of fabrics, and colours, and then add a logo or design. You dream it; and the online shop will simply design for you, Viola your personalized Kippah is ready to wear.

So, practically a kippah is evident to wear in the Talmud (Jewish teachings) where some form of head covering is required. Many Jews sense that by wearing a skullcap they are proudly announcing to the world that they are Jewish. This is classed as an ‘outward sign’ of their belief. It has also become tradition to wear kippahs or yarmulkes of certain colours, sizes and materials as a sign of allegiance to a certain group. Most Jews will cover their heads when praying, attending the synagogue or at a religious event or festival. Wearing a skullcap is seen as a sign of devoutness. Hence, we may pronounce that Kippah is an integral part of Jewish community. There are various types of kippahs available and satin kippahs are more seen among Orthodox boys and men only irregularly, but it is very prevalentamongst. Traditional and Reform Jews who wear yarmulkes in shul and at special occasions, such as weddings. This is the yarmulke equivalent of a doily, a piece of cloth women use in synagogue to cover their hair.

So, one can find his own personalized kippah or kippahs in general online to wear it for both marriage functions and at prayers too. Hence, Kippahs are the Soul of Jewish Culture.

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Kippahs Your Way – Your One-Stop Shop For Satin kippahs

The Jewish tradition is a fascinating culture. You can identify a Jewish easily by the identifiable outfit like the kippah. As we know, Kippah or kippot is a head covering that can be made of various materials. It’s one of the most vital symbols of the Jewish tradition & needs to be worn at all occasions. You can buy kippahs in various materials, but there’re some which strike a chord like no other. One such material is the satin kippahs.

If you’re in the market for satin kippot, look no further, Kippahs Your Way manufactures and sell Satin kippahs at wholesale pricing. We offer satin kippot & personalized satin yarmulkes in bulk, no minimum needed. Personalization can be done including custom imprinted satin yarmulkes with the name and date (or any text) of your special affair.

Satin kippahs

Satin kippah is the conventional kippot used by Jewish worshipers for close to a century. Get your order in today and “top off” your Jewish affair with a flair. Whether you’re having a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Wedding ceremoney or synagogue event, we’ve a satin kippah that is just perfect for you!

We went the extra mile to perfect the color choices, the thread count, the stitching, the finishing, the lining, the fit, to bring you the perfect Satin Kippot. Select from solid color kippot, 2-color satin yarmulkes (up to 6 colors), custom kippots made up with your own fabric & much more. Additional options for any satin kippah include adding silver, black or gold kippah clips.

Our satin kippahs are available in a range of designs & sizes. Whether you’re a man looking for a keepsake kippah to give to a friend or family member or a woman looking for a chic head covering, you can find it in our huge collection of satin kippot. Each is made with high-quality satin that looks luxurious while still being quite durable. As a result, you’ll continue to use this special kippah for important events for many years to come.

Browse our selection of satin kippahs and add personalization to any satin kippot. Shop with confidence knowing you’re getting a really well made product at rock-bottom manufacturer prices. We sell satin kippahs at a price that is hard to match by any of our competitors. Feel free to get in touch with us at 866.692.1975

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What Are The Different Kippah Options Available In The Market?

People purchase four million dollars worth of Kippahs (Kippot) every year in Israel alone. Large Kippahs, Kippah for a kid, Kippahs for women – you just name it! Whether you know the fact or don’t, there’s an incredible, Kippahs marketplace with existence in practically every nation where the Jewish people reside. That means the Kippahs for sale are almost everywhere!

How do Jews purchase Kippahs?

First of all we don’t always purchase kippahs. Some are searching for yamakas, some for yarmulkes, other people call it kippot and there’re kids who call it simply “Jewish hat”. Regardless of the way people spell kippahs, there’s a meaning in a color & shape of each kipot. Unnecessary to state that one can spend their whole life studying the rules & dissimilarity, but we can strive to make a brief account right here, on this post. And it goes something like this:

1 – If you’re a religious Zionist you’re possibly searching for crocheted or knitted kippahs for sale that are soft, multicolored, blues and muted browns.

2 – If you’re conservative Jew large knitted Kippahs are probably your best option.

3 –Black satin or cloth kippahs are probably your best option if you belong to the Haredim community.

4 – Numerous young Orthodox Jews prefer small black knitted kippahs

5 –The students & followers of Kabbalah put on large kippahs that generally cover the entire skull.

6 -Very unique style of Buhari Kippah is of course the first choice of emigrants of this unique Asian Jewish Community.

As you can see, the list goes on. At Kippahs Your Way you can find a wonderful selection of modern kippahs for sale. We craft kippahs that are suitable for both regular use and special occasion. Our kippahs avail in a vibrant selection of colors & prints, guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. We can also customize a kippah according to your special occasion – be it a wedding or birthday. So, don’t be too late! Place your order now!

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Customized Bar Mitzvah Kippahs – A Special Gift for Your Son

All the religions all over the globe have their own way of celebrations along with its set rules, culture, tradition and practices. This isn’t different for the Jewish community as it loaded with their definite signs & respective symbols and marks. One can make out a Jewish man from the skullcap he wear on the center of his head, known as the Kippah. This particular circular bowl shaped cap is one of the typical & explicit mark or sign of a Jew.

While visiting a Synagogue or attending any religious ceremony, Jewish men sport these skullcaps which are better known as the Kippahs. These Kippahs have been coined by the Hebrew language & multiple of these caps are called kippot or kippas. Again, many would also know that the Yiddish name for these skullcaps is called as Yarmulka or plural would be Yarmulkes, which are common & regular among the non-Jewish & English speaking crowd.

During the Bar Mitzvah ceremony or any wedding, you can spot the Jewish men who’re less-observant & non religious to wear the Yarmulke. It has been said among the religious & culturally active men that the kind of Kippah or the Yarmulkes show precisely how the person is. To be precise, a kippah states a lot regarding the man’s character & nature.

Buy Bar Mitzvah Kippahs For Your Son Online:

Your son is going to hit a huge milestone in his Jewish life. Whether you’re going to arrange a dinner with your family friends, or your boy wants to throw a party to all his buddies, you certainly wish to make this an unforgettable event. As this’s a Jewish event having Kippahs for all of your invited guests is a must. You can really make your son happy by letting him pick from our special Bar & Bat Mitzvah Kippahs section or to choose something from the other unlimited selection of colors, style and textures that’ll please him as well as your guests. As we handcraft Kippahs you can rest assured that we’ll create precisely what you’ve in mind. Being actively involved in this aspect of the party will increase his interest & appreciation for the thought that goes into all the little details.

Bat Mitzvah Kippahs

If you have a special Bar Mitzvah Kippahs design in mind, please let us know. We assure that we meet your expectation. So, let Kippahs Your Way handcraft your special Bar Mitzvah Kippahs while keeping all the minutest details in mind. Reach us at 866.692.1975 for any help!

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The Meaning Behind Different Well-Known Jewish Gifts

To state that the Jewish people have numerous traditions is a massive understatement. They’ve a considerable number of holidays; Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Hanukkah, Yom Kippur – those are the most popular ones, there’re many others. Not to say weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, etc. You can imagine that this interprets to so many gifts giving and taking. There’s generally symbolic gift stuff or two for each Jewish special occasion, and below mentioned are some really fascinating facts behind them.

Mezuzah cases: A mezuzah case is a container for a mezuzah, which is a piece of parchment which boasts Hebrew poetries inscribed on it. The mezuzah is placed on the entrances of Jewish home, with the exemption of the bathroom door. It’s believed that the mezuzah safeguards the occupants of the home by putting them under God’s care. Contemporary mezuzah containers often boast attractive designs executed by Israeli artists.

Kippahs: Kippahs are the head caps which have come to epitomize the Orthodox Jewish man. Also known as yarmulke, Kippahs are worn because Jewish men believe that it’s a way of admiring the God. It’s, as Rabbi Hunah ben Joshua elucidated, “Because the Divine Presence is always over my head.” Today you can easily find Jewish Kippahs for sale online that are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics and designs.

Kippahs for sale

Benchers: A bencher is a Jewish prayer booklet. It can feature several prayers & songs for different Jewish occasions. The most typical one is the “Birkat Hamazon”. Benchers are often embelsihed with different artistic designs & are usually given away as presents during weddings & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Seder plates: Seder plates are employed to cater symbolic foods during the memorial of Passover. Six food items are placed on the place, each with it’s own symbolic importance to the Exodus. The six symbolic foods are: Maror and chazeret, Charoset, Karpas, Z’roa and Beitzah.

Menorahs: The Hanukkah menorah is probably the most recognizable Jewish artifact. It is a candle holder with nine branches, with one candle lit for every night of Hanukkah. Menorahs come in a variety of styles as well, like a model firetruck and one which uses flickering electric light bulbs instead of candles.

At Kippahs Your Way, we have more than 300 intricately crafted kippahs designed to suit any special occasion – be it a wedding or Bar & Bat Mitzvah. We can also customize your Kippah keeping in mind the theme of your special event. Anytime you are looking for Kippahs for sale online, feel free to get in touch with us at 866.692.1975.

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Advantages of sporting a Knit Kippah

Kippahs come in various sizes and made of various materials, but one style that holds the everlasting legacy is that of the knit kippahs. The knit kippahs are often synonymous with the traditional kippah material. They are considered to be one of the best materials to make a kippah. Sporting a knit kippah attaches a personal feeling with the wearer. However, apart from the sentiments, there are several benefits of the knit kippahs as well.


Traditionally, knit kippahs can be considered the earlier generation of kippahs as the idea of knitting has been around for a long and it also added a sophistication to anyone wearing them. Here are 3 benefits of wearing knit kippahs that would give you a reason to go and give it a try.

  • Absorbent: Knit kippahs have the tremendous ability to absorb a lot of moisture and the credit goes to the knitting process. Knitted fabrics are generally bound loosely and have some space between two loops and that offers room for expansion. This makes the knitted kippahs a warm and fuzzy thing to have.
  • Elastic: The major difference when it comes to knitted materials and woven materials is the latter’s ability to expand in any direction. The knitted materials are stitch by creating loops that can stretch and bend in any direction, unlike the woven materials that can stretch in just one direction, i.e. the direction of the stitch. This elasticity gives a better fit and hence, more comfort.
  • Comfortable: Knitted materials are way more comfortable than their woven counterparts. They often provide a soft, warm, and stretchable feeling that makes way for extreme comfort. Kippahs are going to be worn for a long time and comfort is of paramount importance in this case. If you get the wool or cotton kippahs, you might feel the extra comfort and softness in it.

These are the 3 major benefits of knit kippahs, but the fact that they are light weight also comes into play as we look at them. The fluffy, light-weight knit kippah that provides the warmth of a personal touch is one of a kind and it is the time that we give it the credit that is due.

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5 Benefits of Having Raw Silk Kippahs

The Jewish tradition is a fascinating culture. You can easily identify a Jewish by the easily identifiable clothing like the kippah. Kippah, as we know, is a head covering that can be made of several materials. It is one of the most important symbols of the Jewish tradition and needs to be worn at all occasions. One can get kippahs in many materials, but there are some which strike a chord like no other. One such material is the raw silk and raw silk kippahs are one of the finest things to pass on as an heirloom.

Here are 5 benefits of raw silk kippahs that make them a great choice irrespective of the wearer.

  • Versatile: Raw silk kippahs are one of the most versatile ones. You can pair it up with any other dress and still rock the look.


  • Natural: Unlike other materials, raw silk is completely natural. Raw silk kippahs will be helpful if you have a sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic in nature which is why it won’t do any harm to the sensitive skin.


  • Breathable: Its breathable nature will keep your head cool on hot days. Putting on the kippah for the maximum amount of time can be an irritating experience in hot summer days. Raw silk kippahs would turn out to be helpful in such a time.


  • Durable: Silk is one of the most durable fabrics found in nature. It has the property to naturally repel mold and mildew. Moreover, it is lightweight and soft and that makes it last long. This is the reason, it is preferred in heirloom or legacy pieces. The fabric is naturally elastic as well.


  • Luster: Silk has smooth threads that give it a natural shine. This shine makes the piece of clothing aesthetically pleasing.


These are the 5 major benefits of using raw silk kippahs. Now that you know them, you can get one for yourself. Raw silk kippahs are easy to take care and remain the same for many years. You can get a subtle yet shiny kippah to be passed on in your family as a legacy.

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Etiquettes for a non-Jewish attending Bar Mitzvah

A bar mitzvah is a grand celebration in Jewish communities and it marks the boys entering the phase of adulthood. The grand ceremony is organized when the boy comes to the age of thirteen. Many guests are also invited to shower the boy with gifts and blessings. However, the most confused ones are the non-Jewish guests. In case you are a non-Jewish person who is invited to the bar mitzvah party of a Jewish co-worker’s son, here are some points you should keep in mind and yes, wearing kippahs like suede kippahs is a part of the tradition.

You can follow these tips and enjoy the party properly without offending anyone.

  • Be Respectful: This is one of the major mistakes that many people do. You might not be liking the tradition or you might be an atheist, but respecting the beliefs of others is just a humane thing to do. You should keep in mind that you should respect the Jewish traditions properly and then enjoy the party.
  • Taking Part Not Necessary: There are many who think a lot about taking part in the traditions. It should be noted that you might not take part in the ceremony. It is just a ritual that boys of age 13 go through to mark their entry into adulthood. However, you should keep your cell phone switched off. You can take a moment and step out if the call is urgent.
  • Party Time: Once the rituals are over, it is time to party and party hard. Generally, there are themes for the party that you can dress up for. It is great fun as there will be a great source of amusement. There would be a lot of dancing involved. So, you better prepare your mind according to that. The option of wearing a kippah depends on the type of community, but it is often recommended that you wear one. You can go for variations like sports kippahs or suede kippahs too.
  • Any Regular Gift: In case you are confused what gift is appropriate for the Mitzvah boy, don’t worry. Any regular gift that you would give to a thirteen-year-old boy will do fine. In most cases, an envelope with some money is also acceptable.

These are some points that you should keep in your mind while going to a Jewish Bar Mitzvah being a non-Jewish. It is an absolute delight to watch the ceremony and listen to the young boy’s speech. The traditional dress code including a coat and full pants is the norm. Apart from that, you can don elegant suede kippahs that will make you look all the more inviting. Wearing a kippah and respecting the Jewish customs marks that you are really interested in knowing the culture and are glad that you are invited to witness one.

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What to wear in a Synagogue

There is a lot depending on what we are wearing to which place. It is important that we keep that in mind. What we wear has the power to transform our outer and inner look and we should realize that very well. Wearing a sports uniform might transform your support and love for the game to a higher level. That is the power of dressing up for an occasion. The same is applicable when Jewish traditions are taken into consideration. However, there is some sort of confusion when it comes to “What to wear in a Synagogue”. Many are acquainted with the Kippah and even the variations like suede kippahs or sports kippahs, but there is less idea about the other wearings. The three most well known and widespread accessories to a Jewish Synagogue are Kippah, Tallit, and Tefillin. Each of them is special in their own way and there are different ways to sport them.

Tallit: You must have seen Jewish men putting a Tallit, but might not know the name for it. Tallit is a rectangular prayer shawl with strings called tzitzit tied in a certain pattern in its four corners. Tallit can be made of several materials like wool, linen, silk, or any other fabric. The general design is black or blue stripes on white, but there might be variations here. Tallit is worn at various times depending on the time of the year and synagogue rules. There are certain rules for wearing this particular garment, which should be made clear with the synagogue.

Kippah: By far the most known Jewish clothing is the Kippah. It is a simple skullcap. Today, kippahs can be associated with all things Jewish and that’s because the options one gets while buying a Kippah. There are several options like suede kippahs, or sports kippahs, or even deluxe satin kippahs. All of these variations are valid and even bring out an angle of style in the Jewish traditions. Traditionally, Kippahs are worn by men almost all the time and they are accepted in any form. The importance of kippahs increases during special events like Bar/Bat Mitzvah and weddings. Suede kippahs bring out a sense of elegance to the event and can be personalized as well.

Tefillin: Tefillin comprise of two dark cowhide boxes, containing material with transcribed verses of Torah on them, and straps to hold them on. One is worn on the bicep, with its strap, tied in a specific bunch, wound seven circumstances around one’s non-predominant arm and hand; the other is worn on the brow, exactly at the hairline. Tefillin are fairly uncommon in many reform communities and common in orthodox ones.

These are the three basic clothing accessories that you would find in a Jewish synagogue. You can choose any one of them and pray to the lord for well-being. There is elegance in suede kippahs and devotion in tefillin. It depends on the community and the synagogue you are attending what is deemed suitable to wear and what not.

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What to wear to a Jewish Wedding

Now that you are invited over to a Jewish wedding, there are questions doing rounds in your head. This is a common situation as few people know about Jewish traditions and no one wants to offend anyone from the Jewish community, especially when something as auspicious as a wedding is going on. There must be thoughts if wearing a Kippah or Yarmulke is compulsory. You might be thinking if wearing suede kippahs are permitted or not. So, the answer is it depends on the type of wedding you are attending.

Types of Synagogues:

There are typically three types of Jewish synagogue where the wedding might be taking place and each has their own set of dress codes.

  • Orthodox: Orthodox synagogues require you to follow some stringent guidelines while attending any event taking place on the premises. The women dress etiquette demands the women to be fully covered without showing skin in any manner. The color of the dress should not be too bright or flashy and a married woman should cover their hair. Men need to wear long pants, long sleeves, jacket and a tie. Apart from that, men must wear Kippah or Yarmulke. However, a slight variation can be permitted like sporting suede kippahs, but one has to make sure the color is not too bright.
  • Conservative: Conservative weddings have lesser guidelines than that of the orthodox ones. However, the guidelines also differ from synagogue to synagogue. The most common ones being the women can wear dresses that don’t show much skin, with the exception being the necks and backs. Men need to dress in the complete attire with a kippah. Suede kippahs, deluxe satin kippahs are allowed, but you should clarify with the family of the bride and groom.
  • Reform: The most modern and liberal take on Jewish weddings are found in reformed synagogues. There is generally no dress code requirement, but you should check with the bride and groom if there are any guidelines. However, you might want to consider the dress code theme of the wedding as in casual, formal or a black tie event. Sporting a kippah like suede kippahs or satin kippahs, though not necessary, is recommended. You can clarify with the families before attending.

These are the three basic types of weddings you might have been invited to. It is safe to say that wearing a kippah is recommended and it also brings you close to the tradition. Variations of the traditional kippahs like the suede kippahs or the embossed kippahs are allowed in most synagogues. However, it is highly recommended that you consult the bride and groom before fixing your dress code.

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3 Reasons the New Generation Likes Sports Kippahs

Kippahs are a symbol of the Jewish tradition and their faith. You will never find a Jew without his valuable Kippah over his head walking more than two feet. This is the faith Jews have on the Lord and the designated Kippah. However, if there is one thing that stands out today, is the Sports Kippah. These new-age Kippahs exude a sense of modernizing and making the fashion stand out. There are several reasons why people these days are preferring sport kippahs and we are going to present some to you.

Kippahs have been traditionally associated with the Jews and there is not a single man who would be found without it during the important social gatherings. However, the rise of sport kippahs says a lot about the minds of the current generation. They are bold and yet rooted in their tradition.

Here are 3 reasons why sport kippahs are great ideas in today’s world:

1. Brings out the personality: The most important aspect about wearing sport kippahs is that they bring forth the personality of the wearer. It symbolizes that the new generation has bold and radical ideas, but they are not away from their roots.

2. Support to the sport: Everyone knows the impact of sports in one’s life. Sports are a way of life and they teach a lot about the hardships in life. Putting on sport kippahs is a way to show that the kid is interested in sports and maintaining good health.

3. Customization: The most important thing that the sport kippahs provide is that they are easily customizable and there are no boundaries on creativity on this one. Everyone loves easily customizable Kippahs to wear and sport kippahs are showing the same.

Now that the world is changing for the good, and globalization is connecting more people, the exchange of tradition is obvious. The use of sport kippahs is a good way to embrace the welcome change. These kippahs show a variety of sports including the likes of soccer, basketball, baseball, and much more. You can get these eye-catchy kippahs in several materials like suede and leather. Gift your child a sports kippah and watch him leap with joy.

Mazel Tov!

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