Customized Bar Mitzvah Kippahs – A Special Gift for Your Son

All the religions all over the globe have their own way of celebrations along with its set rules, culture, tradition and practices. This isn’t different for the Jewish community as it loaded with their definite signs & respective symbols and marks. One can make out a Jewish man from the skullcap he wear on the center of his head, known as the Kippah. This particular circular bowl shaped cap is one of the typical & explicit mark or sign of a Jew.

While visiting a Synagogue or attending any religious ceremony, Jewish men sport these skullcaps which are better known as the Kippahs. These Kippahs have been coined by the Hebrew language & multiple of these caps are called kippot or kippas. Again, many would also know that the Yiddish name for these skullcaps is called as Yarmulka or plural would be Yarmulkes, which are common & regular among the non-Jewish & English speaking crowd.

During the Bar Mitzvah ceremony or any wedding, you can spot the Jewish men who’re less-observant & non religious to wear the Yarmulke. It has been said among the religious & culturally active men that the kind of Kippah or the Yarmulkes show precisely how the person is. To be precise, a kippah states a lot regarding the man’s character & nature.

Buy Bar Mitzvah Kippahs For Your Son Online:

Your son is going to hit a huge milestone in his Jewish life. Whether you’re going to arrange a dinner with your family friends, or your boy wants to throw a party to all his buddies, you certainly wish to make this an unforgettable event. As this’s a Jewish event having Kippahs for all of your invited guests is a must. You can really make your son happy by letting him pick from our special Bar & Bat Mitzvah Kippahs section or to choose something from the other unlimited selection of colors, style and textures that’ll please him as well as your guests. As we handcraft Kippahs you can rest assured that we’ll create precisely what you’ve in mind. Being actively involved in this aspect of the party will increase his interest & appreciation for the thought that goes into all the little details.

Bat Mitzvah Kippahs

If you have a special Bar Mitzvah Kippahs design in mind, please let us know. We assure that we meet your expectation. So, let Kippahs Your Way handcraft your special Bar Mitzvah Kippahs while keeping all the minutest details in mind. Reach us at 866.692.1975 for any help!

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The Meaning Behind Different Well-Known Jewish Gifts

To state that the Jewish people have numerous traditions is a massive understatement. They’ve a considerable number of holidays; Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Hanukkah, Yom Kippur – those are the most popular ones, there’re many others. Not to say weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, etc. You can imagine that this interprets to so many gifts giving and taking. There’s generally symbolic gift stuff or two for each Jewish special occasion, and below mentioned are some really fascinating facts behind them.

Mezuzah cases: A mezuzah case is a container for a mezuzah, which is a piece of parchment which boasts Hebrew poetries inscribed on it. The mezuzah is placed on the entrances of Jewish home, with the exemption of the bathroom door. It’s believed that the mezuzah safeguards the occupants of the home by putting them under God’s care. Contemporary mezuzah containers often boast attractive designs executed by Israeli artists.

Kippahs: Kippahs are the head caps which have come to epitomize the Orthodox Jewish man. Also known as yarmulke, Kippahs are worn because Jewish men believe that it’s a way of admiring the God. It’s, as Rabbi Hunah ben Joshua elucidated, “Because the Divine Presence is always over my head.” Today you can easily find Jewish Kippahs for sale online that are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics and designs.

Kippahs for sale

Benchers: A bencher is a Jewish prayer booklet. It can feature several prayers & songs for different Jewish occasions. The most typical one is the “Birkat Hamazon”. Benchers are often embelsihed with different artistic designs & are usually given away as presents during weddings & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Seder plates: Seder plates are employed to cater symbolic foods during the memorial of Passover. Six food items are placed on the place, each with it’s own symbolic importance to the Exodus. The six symbolic foods are: Maror and chazeret, Charoset, Karpas, Z’roa and Beitzah.

Menorahs: The Hanukkah menorah is probably the most recognizable Jewish artifact. It is a candle holder with nine branches, with one candle lit for every night of Hanukkah. Menorahs come in a variety of styles as well, like a model firetruck and one which uses flickering electric light bulbs instead of candles.

At Kippahs Your Way, we have more than 300 intricately crafted kippahs designed to suit any special occasion – be it a wedding or Bar & Bat Mitzvah. We can also customize your Kippah keeping in mind the theme of your special event. Anytime you are looking for Kippahs for sale online, feel free to get in touch with us at 866.692.1975.

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Advantages of sporting a Knit Kippah

Kippahs come in various sizes and made of various materials, but one style that holds the everlasting legacy is that of the knit kippahs. The knit kippahs are often synonymous with the traditional kippah material. They are considered to be one of the best materials to make a kippah. Sporting a knit kippah attaches a personal feeling with the wearer. However, apart from the sentiments, there are several benefits of the knit kippahs as well.


Traditionally, knit kippahs can be considered the earlier generation of kippahs as the idea of knitting has been around for a long and it also added a sophistication to anyone wearing them. Here are 3 benefits of wearing knit kippahs that would give you a reason to go and give it a try.

  • Absorbent: Knit kippahs have the tremendous ability to absorb a lot of moisture and the credit goes to the knitting process. Knitted fabrics are generally bound loosely and have some space between two loops and that offers room for expansion. This makes the knitted kippahs a warm and fuzzy thing to have.
  • Elastic: The major difference when it comes to knitted materials and woven materials is the latter’s ability to expand in any direction. The knitted materials are stitch by creating loops that can stretch and bend in any direction, unlike the woven materials that can stretch in just one direction, i.e. the direction of the stitch. This elasticity gives a better fit and hence, more comfort.
  • Comfortable: Knitted materials are way more comfortable than their woven counterparts. They often provide a soft, warm, and stretchable feeling that makes way for extreme comfort. Kippahs are going to be worn for a long time and comfort is of paramount importance in this case. If you get the wool or cotton kippahs, you might feel the extra comfort and softness in it.

These are the 3 major benefits of knit kippahs, but the fact that they are light weight also comes into play as we look at them. The fluffy, light-weight knit kippah that provides the warmth of a personal touch is one of a kind and it is the time that we give it the credit that is due.

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5 Benefits of Having Raw Silk Kippahs

The Jewish tradition is a fascinating culture. You can easily identify a Jewish by the easily identifiable clothing like the kippah. Kippah, as we know, is a head covering that can be made of several materials. It is one of the most important symbols of the Jewish tradition and needs to be worn at all occasions. One can get kippahs in many materials, but there are some which strike a chord like no other. One such material is the raw silk and raw silk kippahs are one of the finest things to pass on as an heirloom.

Here are 5 benefits of raw silk kippahs that make them a great choice irrespective of the wearer.

  • Versatile: Raw silk kippahs are one of the most versatile ones. You can pair it up with any other dress and still rock the look.


  • Natural: Unlike other materials, raw silk is completely natural. Raw silk kippahs will be helpful if you have a sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic in nature which is why it won’t do any harm to the sensitive skin.


  • Breathable: Its breathable nature will keep your head cool on hot days. Putting on the kippah for the maximum amount of time can be an irritating experience in hot summer days. Raw silk kippahs would turn out to be helpful in such a time.


  • Durable: Silk is one of the most durable fabrics found in nature. It has the property to naturally repel mold and mildew. Moreover, it is lightweight and soft and that makes it last long. This is the reason, it is preferred in heirloom or legacy pieces. The fabric is naturally elastic as well.


  • Luster: Silk has smooth threads that give it a natural shine. This shine makes the piece of clothing aesthetically pleasing.


These are the 5 major benefits of using raw silk kippahs. Now that you know them, you can get one for yourself. Raw silk kippahs are easy to take care and remain the same for many years. You can get a subtle yet shiny kippah to be passed on in your family as a legacy.

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Etiquettes for a non-Jewish attending Bar Mitzvah

A bar mitzvah is a grand celebration in Jewish communities and it marks the boys entering the phase of adulthood. The grand ceremony is organized when the boy comes to the age of thirteen. Many guests are also invited to shower the boy with gifts and blessings. However, the most confused ones are the non-Jewish guests. In case you are a non-Jewish person who is invited to the bar mitzvah party of a Jewish co-worker’s son, here are some points you should keep in mind and yes, wearing kippahs like suede kippahs is a part of the tradition.

You can follow these tips and enjoy the party properly without offending anyone.

  • Be Respectful: This is one of the major mistakes that many people do. You might not be liking the tradition or you might be an atheist, but respecting the beliefs of others is just a humane thing to do. You should keep in mind that you should respect the Jewish traditions properly and then enjoy the party.
  • Taking Part Not Necessary: There are many who think a lot about taking part in the traditions. It should be noted that you might not take part in the ceremony. It is just a ritual that boys of age 13 go through to mark their entry into adulthood. However, you should keep your cell phone switched off. You can take a moment and step out if the call is urgent.
  • Party Time: Once the rituals are over, it is time to party and party hard. Generally, there are themes for the party that you can dress up for. It is great fun as there will be a great source of amusement. There would be a lot of dancing involved. So, you better prepare your mind according to that. The option of wearing a kippah depends on the type of community, but it is often recommended that you wear one. You can go for variations like sports kippahs or suede kippahs too.
  • Any Regular Gift: In case you are confused what gift is appropriate for the Mitzvah boy, don’t worry. Any regular gift that you would give to a thirteen-year-old boy will do fine. In most cases, an envelope with some money is also acceptable.

These are some points that you should keep in your mind while going to a Jewish Bar Mitzvah being a non-Jewish. It is an absolute delight to watch the ceremony and listen to the young boy’s speech. The traditional dress code including a coat and full pants is the norm. Apart from that, you can don elegant suede kippahs that will make you look all the more inviting. Wearing a kippah and respecting the Jewish customs marks that you are really interested in knowing the culture and are glad that you are invited to witness one.

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What to wear in a Synagogue

There is a lot depending on what we are wearing to which place. It is important that we keep that in mind. What we wear has the power to transform our outer and inner look and we should realize that very well. Wearing a sports uniform might transform your support and love for the game to a higher level. That is the power of dressing up for an occasion. The same is applicable when Jewish traditions are taken into consideration. However, there is some sort of confusion when it comes to “What to wear in a Synagogue”. Many are acquainted with the Kippah and even the variations like suede kippahs or sports kippahs, but there is less idea about the other wearings. The three most well known and widespread accessories to a Jewish Synagogue are Kippah, Tallit, and Tefillin. Each of them is special in their own way and there are different ways to sport them.

Tallit: You must have seen Jewish men putting a Tallit, but might not know the name for it. Tallit is a rectangular prayer shawl with strings called tzitzit tied in a certain pattern in its four corners. Tallit can be made of several materials like wool, linen, silk, or any other fabric. The general design is black or blue stripes on white, but there might be variations here. Tallit is worn at various times depending on the time of the year and synagogue rules. There are certain rules for wearing this particular garment, which should be made clear with the synagogue.

Kippah: By far the most known Jewish clothing is the Kippah. It is a simple skullcap. Today, kippahs can be associated with all things Jewish and that’s because the options one gets while buying a Kippah. There are several options like suede kippahs, or sports kippahs, or even deluxe satin kippahs. All of these variations are valid and even bring out an angle of style in the Jewish traditions. Traditionally, Kippahs are worn by men almost all the time and they are accepted in any form. The importance of kippahs increases during special events like Bar/Bat Mitzvah and weddings. Suede kippahs bring out a sense of elegance to the event and can be personalized as well.

Tefillin: Tefillin comprise of two dark cowhide boxes, containing material with transcribed verses of Torah on them, and straps to hold them on. One is worn on the bicep, with its strap, tied in a specific bunch, wound seven circumstances around one’s non-predominant arm and hand; the other is worn on the brow, exactly at the hairline. Tefillin are fairly uncommon in many reform communities and common in orthodox ones.

These are the three basic clothing accessories that you would find in a Jewish synagogue. You can choose any one of them and pray to the lord for well-being. There is elegance in suede kippahs and devotion in tefillin. It depends on the community and the synagogue you are attending what is deemed suitable to wear and what not.

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What to wear to a Jewish Wedding

Now that you are invited over to a Jewish wedding, there are questions doing rounds in your head. This is a common situation as few people know about Jewish traditions and no one wants to offend anyone from the Jewish community, especially when something as auspicious as a wedding is going on. There must be thoughts if wearing a Kippah or Yarmulke is compulsory. You might be thinking if wearing suede kippahs are permitted or not. So, the answer is it depends on the type of wedding you are attending.

Types of Synagogues:

There are typically three types of Jewish synagogue where the wedding might be taking place and each has their own set of dress codes.

  • Orthodox: Orthodox synagogues require you to follow some stringent guidelines while attending any event taking place on the premises. The women dress etiquette demands the women to be fully covered without showing skin in any manner. The color of the dress should not be too bright or flashy and a married woman should cover their hair. Men need to wear long pants, long sleeves, jacket and a tie. Apart from that, men must wear Kippah or Yarmulke. However, a slight variation can be permitted like sporting suede kippahs, but one has to make sure the color is not too bright.
  • Conservative: Conservative weddings have lesser guidelines than that of the orthodox ones. However, the guidelines also differ from synagogue to synagogue. The most common ones being the women can wear dresses that don’t show much skin, with the exception being the necks and backs. Men need to dress in the complete attire with a kippah. Suede kippahs, deluxe satin kippahs are allowed, but you should clarify with the family of the bride and groom.
  • Reform: The most modern and liberal take on Jewish weddings are found in reformed synagogues. There is generally no dress code requirement, but you should check with the bride and groom if there are any guidelines. However, you might want to consider the dress code theme of the wedding as in casual, formal or a black tie event. Sporting a kippah like suede kippahs or satin kippahs, though not necessary, is recommended. You can clarify with the families before attending.

These are the three basic types of weddings you might have been invited to. It is safe to say that wearing a kippah is recommended and it also brings you close to the tradition. Variations of the traditional kippahs like the suede kippahs or the embossed kippahs are allowed in most synagogues. However, it is highly recommended that you consult the bride and groom before fixing your dress code.

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3 Reasons the New Generation Likes Sports Kippahs

Kippahs are a symbol of the Jewish tradition and their faith. You will never find a Jew without his valuable Kippah over his head walking more than two feet. This is the faith Jews have on the Lord and the designated Kippah. However, if there is one thing that stands out today, is the Sports Kippah. These new-age Kippahs exude a sense of modernizing and making the fashion stand out. There are several reasons why people these days are preferring sport kippahs and we are going to present some to you.

Kippahs have been traditionally associated with the Jews and there is not a single man who would be found without it during the important social gatherings. However, the rise of sport kippahs says a lot about the minds of the current generation. They are bold and yet rooted in their tradition.

Here are 3 reasons why sport kippahs are great ideas in today’s world:

1. Brings out the personality: The most important aspect about wearing sport kippahs is that they bring forth the personality of the wearer. It symbolizes that the new generation has bold and radical ideas, but they are not away from their roots.

2. Support to the sport: Everyone knows the impact of sports in one’s life. Sports are a way of life and they teach a lot about the hardships in life. Putting on sport kippahs is a way to show that the kid is interested in sports and maintaining good health.

3. Customization: The most important thing that the sport kippahs provide is that they are easily customizable and there are no boundaries on creativity on this one. Everyone loves easily customizable Kippahs to wear and sport kippahs are showing the same.

Now that the world is changing for the good, and globalization is connecting more people, the exchange of tradition is obvious. The use of sport kippahs is a good way to embrace the welcome change. These kippahs show a variety of sports including the likes of soccer, basketball, baseball, and much more. You can get these eye-catchy kippahs in several materials like suede and leather. Gift your child a sports kippah and watch him leap with joy.

Mazel Tov!

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The Glorious Tale of Wedding Kippahs in Jewish Tradition

Kippahs is made of cloths and holds a lot of significance in the Jewish culture. Basically, men from the Jewish community cannot even think of attending a religious function or a wedding without covering their head with Kippahs. Mainly in Jewish culture, they have associated Kippahs with their pride and treat it as an utmost requirement for all the male members of the community.

This thin rounded skullcap called a kippah actually carries a religious connotation and the younger generation has also embraced the value of it without complaints. Over the years Kippahs have undergone a massive change in style, but when it comes to the impact, they surely command the same respect as they used to in the past. In short, if you are invited to a Jewish wedding, do not forget to wear a kippah. The fact is there has been no dearth of wedding kippahs and thus you can get plenty of options to take your pick.

  • A religious obligation – Generally, the Jewish culture enjoys hordes of festivities, celebrations and holidays, apart from the occasions like weddings. Needless to say weddings are all about dressing up and the Jewish men certainly do not leave any stone unturned to carry a suave look. Though the men are fully aware about the commonality of Kippahs, they wear it to show respect to their tradition. No matter what happens, the men make sure not to let go of the wedding kippahs in any way.
  • A distinctive style – A lot of people may feel that wearing kippahs could chuck out their individuality and make them all have similar looks at the wedding. However, with the flurry of designs and styles available in wedding kippahs, it is unlikely that you would have to deal with the sense of randomness. In today’s time and age, Kippahs can be found in a wide-ranging fabrics and designs, thereby helping people to create their own style statement of diversity.
  • Personalized Kippahs – If you are keen to reflect your own style in wedding kippahs, personalization is the way for you. By opting for a customized kippah, you can choose the color, design, and fabric, everything as per your liking. With customization, you have the chance to get rid of the identical vision of kippahs at weddings as well. Needles to say, a personalized kippah can never go wrong.

Wedding Kippahs exude a certain elegance and legacy, thus, it is considered as a timeless treasure of Jewish cultural trajectory.  Pick one to be aligned with the Jewish religious provision and lifestyle. 

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Suede Kippahs – The Ultimate Choice for Jewish Men

Kippahs is a matter of pride for Jewish people and they adorn this amazing headgear with a lot of confidence in a way to express their gratitude towards the almighty.  There is hardly any religious occasion in a Jewish community, where you would find men sans the kippahs.

A search for kippahs can take you to the collection of many different kinds, however, one that truly stands out among all are the suede kippahs. The variety available with it would offer you the option to explore style in kippahs and help you showcase your individual fashion sense with your own choice.

Here’s a perfect stockpile of factors as to why you should select suede kippahs over the other types. Take a look:

1)  Insurmountable Quality – If quality can impress you, your search ends at Suede kippahs. Nothing can beat its quality and when it comes to the kippahs, and people majorly choose this one for all occasions.  Modest quality kippahs, no matter how attractive they are can never prove to last good as gradually their faded shine would be visible with ease. Nevertheless, if quality is your priority, make sure to pick suede kippahs with absolute confidence.

2) Variety of hues – Suede Kippahs is not restricted to any specific shade and is available in diversified colors of sizeable amount. If there is a wedding or for that matter any sort of cultural function in the offing, you can always rely on suede kippahs to come handy in terms of helping you make a style statement.

3) Diversity in materials – One of the most important aspects about suede kippahs is they come in a wide range of materials and can match up to the specifications of many. The fact that kippahs are a must for the Jewish men, there is a possibility of finding people with similar kinds of kippahs. However, if you want to put across your distinctive style sense, you could always opt for suede kippahs especially for the fact that they are endless in materials, colors as well as in designs. And that precisely is what precisely contributes to the popularity of kippahs.

4) Easy to customize – Are you a fan of customized kippahs? Suede kippahs can very well align with your vision.  Personalized kippahs can easily make a mark in the crowd of people and they are the certainly the best one to bet on, if you are eager to have classic kipphas exuding the combination of both class and elegance.

Whether you are a man of this modern times or a typical old school, suede kippahs is indeed the best fit for you. Though a typical requirement for the Jewish men, this can also prove to be a good choice in the perspective of fashion.

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