Advantages of sporting a Knit Kippah

Kippahs come in various sizes and made of various materials, but one style that holds the everlasting legacy is that of the knit kippahs. The knit kippahs are often synonymous with the traditional kippah material. They are considered to be one of the best materials to make a kippah. Sporting a knit kippah attaches a personal feeling with the wearer. However, apart from the sentiments, there are several benefits of the knit kippahs as well.


Traditionally, knit kippahs can be considered the earlier generation of kippahs as the idea of knitting has been around for a long and it also added a sophistication to anyone wearing them. Here are 3 benefits of wearing knit kippahs that would give you a reason to go and give it a try.

  • Absorbent: Knit kippahs have the tremendous ability to absorb a lot of moisture and the credit goes to the knitting process. Knitted fabrics are generally bound loosely and have some space between two loops and that offers room for expansion. This makes the knitted kippahs a warm and fuzzy thing to have.
  • Elastic: The major difference when it comes to knitted materials and woven materials is the latter’s ability to expand in any direction. The knitted materials are stitch by creating loops that can stretch and bend in any direction, unlike the woven materials that can stretch in just one direction, i.e. the direction of the stitch. This elasticity gives a better fit and hence, more comfort.
  • Comfortable: Knitted materials are way more comfortable than their woven counterparts. They often provide a soft, warm, and stretchable feeling that makes way for extreme comfort. Kippahs are going to be worn for a long time and comfort is of paramount importance in this case. If you get the wool or cotton kippahs, you might feel the extra comfort and softness in it.

These are the 3 major benefits of knit kippahs, but the fact that they are light weight also comes into play as we look at them. The fluffy, light-weight knit kippah that provides the warmth of a personal touch is one of a kind and it is the time that we give it the credit that is due.

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