All about leather Kippahs

You might be thinking that what does the work Kippahs mean? Let me come with the answer that Kippah is nothing but a Hebrew word for the skullcap and in Yiddish, it is known as Yarmulke. Mainly it has been noticed that it is a rounded skullcap which is comparatively thin than other. Both the Jewish men’s and women wear this cap in the reform communities. The main reason for wearing this cap is that as per the Jewish law men’s should cover their head while chanting their god’s name. Moreover, their head should also be covered while praying as well as reciting a blessing.

As the year progress, it has been seen that wearing the custom kippahs has almost become mandatory and they try to wear the leather kippahs almost all time of the day. There are lots of explanations about wearing of the leather Kippahs. For an instance, according to the Kabbalistic Hassidic tradition, the cover of the head is related to God covering their head with his own divine palm. The most fascinating part is that Kippahs and Kaf are two words which explain the same meaning.

leather Kippahs

On an addition, wearing of leather Kippahs is also considered as the identification that the person is a Jewish. And they also assume that God is above all the mankind.Majority of the Jewish people claim that wearing Kippahs signifies that they are proud of being Jew. Also, the people who wear Kippahs are none other than an ambassador of the Jewish people.We all know that the action such as one wearing a type of the modest clothing or you can say that the person speaking very clearly are some of the examples which indicates how the person view and understand the world. In this similar fashion, the Kippahs is there to serve as one of the constant reminders of the existence of God in this world. Besides, it is a type of the action that means to develop a state of standing in front of God.

You will be amazed to know that Judaism is a religion which is not just limited to the festive days. It is a way which pervades each and every aspect of living from intimate relations to the interpretation of the world’s events. You can say that Kippahs is a way which reminds each and everyone that God is present in each and every aspect of our life.

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