What Are The Different Kippah Options Available In The Market?

People purchase four million dollars worth of Kippahs (Kippot) every year in Israel alone. Large Kippahs, Kippah for a kid, Kippahs for women – you just name it! Whether you know the fact or don’t, there’s an incredible, Kippahs marketplace with existence in practically every nation where the Jewish people reside. That means the Kippahs for sale are almost everywhere!

How do Jews purchase Kippahs?

First of all we don’t always purchase kippahs. Some are searching for yamakas, some for yarmulkes, other people call it kippot and there’re kids who call it simply “Jewish hat”. Regardless of the way people spell kippahs, there’s a meaning in a color & shape of each kipot. Unnecessary to state that one can spend their whole life studying the rules & dissimilarity, but we can strive to make a brief account right here, on this post. And it goes something like this:

1 – If you’re a religious Zionist you’re possibly searching for crocheted or knitted kippahs for sale that are soft, multicolored, blues and muted browns.

2 – If you’re conservative Jew large knitted Kippahs are probably your best option.

3 –Black satin or cloth kippahs are probably your best option if you belong to the Haredim community.

4 – Numerous young Orthodox Jews prefer small black knitted kippahs

5 –The students & followers of Kabbalah put on large kippahs that generally cover the entire skull.

6 -Very unique style of Buhari Kippah is of course the first choice of emigrants of this unique Asian Jewish Community.

As you can see, the list goes on. At Kippahs Your Way you can find a wonderful selection of modern kippahs for sale. We craft kippahs that are suitable for both regular use and special occasion. Our kippahs avail in a vibrant selection of colors & prints, guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. We can also customize a kippah according to your special occasion – be it a wedding or birthday. So, don’t be too late! Place your order now!

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