Etiquettes for a non-Jewish attending Bar Mitzvah

A bar mitzvah is a grand celebration in Jewish communities and it marks the boys entering the phase of adulthood. The grand ceremony is organized when the boy comes to the age of thirteen. Many guests are also invited to shower the boy with gifts and blessings. However, the most confused ones are the non-Jewish guests. In case you are a non-Jewish person who is invited to the bar mitzvah party of a Jewish co-worker’s son, here are some points you should keep in mind and yes, wearing kippahs like suede kippahs is a part of the tradition.

You can follow these tips and enjoy the party properly without offending anyone.

  • Be Respectful: This is one of the major mistakes that many people do. You might not be liking the tradition or you might be an atheist, but respecting the beliefs of others is just a humane thing to do. You should keep in mind that you should respect the Jewish traditions properly and then enjoy the party.
  • Taking Part Not Necessary: There are many who think a lot about taking part in the traditions. It should be noted that you might not take part in the ceremony. It is just a ritual that boys of age 13 go through to mark their entry into adulthood. However, you should keep your cell phone switched off. You can take a moment and step out if the call is urgent.
  • Party Time: Once the rituals are over, it is time to party and party hard. Generally, there are themes for the party that you can dress up for. It is great fun as there will be a great source of amusement. There would be a lot of dancing involved. So, you better prepare your mind according to that. The option of wearing a kippah depends on the type of community, but it is often recommended that you wear one. You can go for variations like sports kippahs or suede kippahs too.
  • Any Regular Gift: In case you are confused what gift is appropriate for the Mitzvah boy, don’t worry. Any regular gift that you would give to a thirteen-year-old boy will do fine. In most cases, an envelope with some money is also acceptable.

These are some points that you should keep in your mind while going to a Jewish Bar Mitzvah being a non-Jewish. It is an absolute delight to watch the ceremony and listen to the young boy’s speech. The traditional dress code including a coat and full pants is the norm. Apart from that, you can don elegant suede kippahs that will make you look all the more inviting. Wearing a kippah and respecting the Jewish customs marks that you are really interested in knowing the culture and are glad that you are invited to witness one.

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