Kippah, a symbol of pride for the Jews

A Kippah is the Hebrew term for the skull cap. It is also known as Yarmulke in Yiddish. Basically, it is a thin cap to cover the skull of a round shape. It is being worn by the Jewish men and boys. Moreover, in the Conservative and reform community, one will find even the female along with the make wearing this Kippah. As per the laws of the Jews, it is important to cover the head of any individual while taking the name of God during prayers, reciting any blessings or studying Torah.

The main text which contains all the Jewish law and customs is Talmud. This particular text reflects the concept of wearing the Kippah as per the traditional belief. As per the Talmud, it is important to cover the head of an individual in order to mark respect for their supreme God. Hence, to show they fear of the Heaven above, they make use of the caps to cover up the skull portion. Almost every Jewish man and boy makes use of this protective Kippah to cover their head. However, even as per the Talmud, there is no strict imposition to wear this Kippah every time.

However, over the years, the customs of wearing this Kippah has been accepted as a mandatory one. Even an interesting fact has been included by the Kabalistic Hassidic tradition. They say that the heads covered by this Kippah of any individual are blessed by the divine palm of God directly. Moreover, it helps in easy identification of all the Jewish folks among the entire mass.

Leather Kippahs

 Amazingly, Kippah is being worn by the Jewish people as the symbol of pride. A wide variety of designed Kippahs is available in the market. The young folk is opting to wear Leather Kippahs for special occasions. They are getting it customized as per their choice. Be it a family function, or their own wedding party, these beautiful skull caps are being worn quite happily. Rather, you will often find people gifting these caps to their friends and close ones of different styles.

The basic concept of wearing this Kippah is to acknowledge the supreme powers and honoring their Jewish God. It recognizes the fact that the almighty God is above all mankind. However, there is no such obligation or compulsion imposed on the Jewish people to wear this Kippah.

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