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The Jewish tradition is a fascinating culture. You can identify a Jewish easily by the identifiable outfit like the kippah. As we know, Kippah or kippot is a head covering that can be made of various materials. It’s one of the most vital symbols of the Jewish tradition & needs to be worn at all occasions. You can buy kippahs in various materials, but there’re some which strike a chord like no other. One such material is the satin kippahs.

If you’re in the market for satin kippot, look no further, Kippahs Your Way manufactures and sell Satin kippahs at wholesale pricing. We offer satin kippot & personalized satin yarmulkes in bulk, no minimum needed. Personalization can be done including custom imprinted satin yarmulkes with the name and date (or any text) of your special affair.

Satin kippahs

Satin kippah is the conventional kippot used by Jewish worshipers for close to a century. Get your order in today and “top off” your Jewish affair with a flair. Whether you’re having a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Wedding ceremoney or synagogue event, we’ve a satin kippah that is just perfect for you!

We went the extra mile to perfect the color choices, the thread count, the stitching, the finishing, the lining, the fit, to bring you the perfect Satin Kippot. Select from solid color kippot, 2-color satin yarmulkes (up to 6 colors), custom kippots made up with your own fabric & much more. Additional options for any satin kippah include adding silver, black or gold kippah clips.

Our satin kippahs are available in a range of designs & sizes. Whether you’re a man looking for a keepsake kippah to give to a friend or family member or a woman looking for a chic head covering, you can find it in our huge collection of satin kippot. Each is made with high-quality satin that looks luxurious while still being quite durable. As a result, you’ll continue to use this special kippah for important events for many years to come.

Browse our selection of satin kippahs and add personalization to any satin kippot. Shop with confidence knowing you’re getting a really well made product at rock-bottom manufacturer prices. We sell satin kippahs at a price that is hard to match by any of our competitors. Feel free to get in touch with us at 866.692.1975

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