Leather Kippahs will make the perfect giveaway for your wedding celebration

Leather Kippahs  importance

Leather kippah is hand sewn kippah that ensures to offer the perfect product. They are very often worn on wedding celebrations or on other important occasions. It is believed that having a leather kippah at home is a blessing.  They are simple, dignified and leather made with a classic look. Wearing a kippah is a Mitzvah which is filled with pride. They use high quality leather for making the kippah. They are available in variety of colors too.

Leather Kippahs

Decorations on Leather Kippahs

Leather Kippahs are hand crafted and beautifully personalized and is accompanied with customized imprint such as your name, date of the occasion, and more. All this will make your event memorable.

Sizes of Leather Kippah

The company offers sizes to fit most of them and the size is almost 6” diameter which is a suggested size for all.  They take orders to provide the Kippahs which will be made in the choices you would like to specifically select for your affair. You can definitely find an ideal head covering for your sacred experience at the company store room.

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