The Glorious Tale of Wedding Kippahs in Jewish Tradition

Kippahs is made of cloths and holds a lot of significance in the Jewish culture. Basically, men from the Jewish community cannot even think of attending a religious function or a wedding without covering their head with Kippahs. Mainly in Jewish culture, they have associated Kippahs with their pride and treat it as an utmost requirement for all the male members of the community.

This thin rounded skullcap called a kippah actually carries a religious connotation and the younger generation has also embraced the value of it without complaints. Over the years Kippahs have undergone a massive change in style, but when it comes to the impact, they surely command the same respect as they used to in the past. In short, if you are invited to a Jewish wedding, do not forget to wear a kippah. The fact is there has been no dearth of wedding kippahs and thus you can get plenty of options to take your pick.

  • A religious obligation – Generally, the Jewish culture enjoys hordes of festivities, celebrations and holidays, apart from the occasions like weddings. Needless to say weddings are all about dressing up and the Jewish men certainly do not leave any stone unturned to carry a suave look. Though the men are fully aware about the commonality of Kippahs, they wear it to show respect to their tradition. No matter what happens, the men make sure not to let go of the wedding kippahs in any way.
  • A distinctive style – A lot of people may feel that wearing kippahs could chuck out their individuality and make them all have similar looks at the wedding. However, with the flurry of designs and styles available in wedding kippahs, it is unlikely that you would have to deal with the sense of randomness. In today’s time and age, Kippahs can be found in a wide-ranging fabrics and designs, thereby helping people to create their own style statement of diversity.
  • Personalized Kippahs – If you are keen to reflect your own style in wedding kippahs, personalization is the way for you. By opting for a customized kippah, you can choose the color, design, and fabric, everything as per your liking. With customization, you have the chance to get rid of the identical vision of kippahs at weddings as well. Needles to say, a personalized kippah can never go wrong.

Wedding Kippahs exude a certain elegance and legacy, thus, it is considered as a timeless treasure of Jewish cultural trajectory.  Pick one to be aligned with the Jewish religious provision and lifestyle. 

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Suede Kippahs – The Ultimate Choice for Jewish Men

Kippahs is a matter of pride for Jewish people and they adorn this amazing headgear with a lot of confidence in a way to express their gratitude towards the almighty.  There is hardly any religious occasion in a Jewish community, where you would find men sans the kippahs.

A search for kippahs can take you to the collection of many different kinds, however, one that truly stands out among all are the suede kippahs. The variety available with it would offer you the option to explore style in kippahs and help you showcase your individual fashion sense with your own choice.

Here’s a perfect stockpile of factors as to why you should select suede kippahs over the other types. Take a look:

1)  Insurmountable Quality – If quality can impress you, your search ends at Suede kippahs. Nothing can beat its quality and when it comes to the kippahs, and people majorly choose this one for all occasions.  Modest quality kippahs, no matter how attractive they are can never prove to last good as gradually their faded shine would be visible with ease. Nevertheless, if quality is your priority, make sure to pick suede kippahs with absolute confidence.

2) Variety of hues – Suede Kippahs is not restricted to any specific shade and is available in diversified colors of sizeable amount. If there is a wedding or for that matter any sort of cultural function in the offing, you can always rely on suede kippahs to come handy in terms of helping you make a style statement.

3) Diversity in materials – One of the most important aspects about suede kippahs is they come in a wide range of materials and can match up to the specifications of many. The fact that kippahs are a must for the Jewish men, there is a possibility of finding people with similar kinds of kippahs. However, if you want to put across your distinctive style sense, you could always opt for suede kippahs especially for the fact that they are endless in materials, colors as well as in designs. And that precisely is what precisely contributes to the popularity of kippahs.

4) Easy to customize – Are you a fan of customized kippahs? Suede kippahs can very well align with your vision.  Personalized kippahs can easily make a mark in the crowd of people and they are the certainly the best one to bet on, if you are eager to have classic kipphas exuding the combination of both class and elegance.

Whether you are a man of this modern times or a typical old school, suede kippahs is indeed the best fit for you. Though a typical requirement for the Jewish men, this can also prove to be a good choice in the perspective of fashion.

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What Makes Satin Kippahs the Perfect Choice for Jewish Men?

Kippahs are available in a large variety but the kind which actually stands out is the Satin Kippahs.  The style of Kippahs undoubtedly has undergone a huge change and the men of today basically looks for a certain type which can infuse a sense of style in them and to boot enhance their personality in an effortless manner.

When it comes to the Jewish culture, they have such innumerable occasions and events that kippahs have had been a compulsory part of dressing for men. No matter whether you are a teenager or an adult, men of Jewish origin cannot escape from wearing kippahs in their important cultural gatherings.

Especially, when it is about the satin kippahs, they certainly exude a dynamic sophistication and class along with the perfect lining of flamboyance that makes it an ideal choice for the occasions like weddings, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah of children.

Modern and classic styles – Kippahs, though can be found in varied fabrics, but there is hardly anything that could match up to the glory of the satin kippahs. A little search from your end can get you up-close with some of the top-notch modern designs and styles in kippahs with satin fabric.  In today’s time, people generally prefer to adorn themselves with unique attire and the demand pretty much remains the same for the kippahs as well.

Attractive accessory – Satin creates quite an instant impression and that is precisely the reason for the massive popularity it enjoys as a fabric.  Satin Kippahs can go well with every clothing style and can give you the right dose of glamour to showcase your confident personality.

Variety of shades – In satin kippahs, you could explore a great range of shades and rest assured you won’t be disappointed with the collection. Satin in usual is a very vibrant material thus any color in it could be a perfect style statement to make.

Custom satin Kippahs – At a function, where, there would be a crowd of people wearing kippahs and the possibility of carrying identical styles cannot be ruled out, a custom-made kippah maybe the right idea to dabble with. Moreover, if you are one of those people, who believe in exhibiting their own fashion sense and charisma, a personalized kippah could help you flaunt your individualism. One of the finest fabrics for kippahs is the satin and no matter what kind of design you weave into it, it is bound to give you the fashion glory that you so desire.

Satin kippahs completely deserved a space in your wardrobe as it is a blend of style, elegance, flamboyance and fashion. No doubt its popularity says it all! Take your pick to and register a standout dressing.

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Celebrating Shabbat

Shabbath has an in-depth connotation, which signifies about rest or cessation that ideally marks the seventh day of the week.  When observes Shabbat, one totally refrains from the daily work schedules and spend the whole day by engaging in relaxing activities.

Considered as a sacred institution, for Jewish, following the norms and rituals of Shabbat holds a lot of significance, which they ensure to practice wholeheartedly.

As per the Jewish religious law, halakha, Shabbat commences at the difference of a few minutes before the sunset on Friday evening and continues till Saturday night, unless the three stars come to their full form.


Shabbat is a long-drawn process, and we bring you the detailed interpretation of this amazing Jewish tradition in the best comprehensible manner. Here’s the stockpile of the seven key rituals of Shabbat, which can give you the perfect insight into it. Take a look!

The Light of Shabbat

In the Bible, light was the first thing that God created. If the sun was created after the light, what was its source? One explanation states that it was spiritual light. In the same way light initiated the creation of the world, so too is the Sabbath. A candle-lighting ritual is used to usher in the Sabbath before sunset. Traditionally, it was always women who lit the candle, though men participate in the ceremony nowadays as well.

Blessing the Children

Before the commencement of the Sabbath dinner, the parents have to take a moment and lay their hands on their children’s heads to give them a gift of their blessing. One can bless their child in whatever way they wish, including a reciting of traditional words.


Kiddush is a reciting that precedes the Sabbath meal. It describes the Sabbath as a commemoration of God’s redemption of Israel from Egypt and the creation of the world. The Sabbath commemorates the Exodus from Egypt: the Jews were liberated from servitude in Egypt, and were in turn commanded to give rest to others, including their servants.

Breaking Bread

On Shabbat, braided loaves called chalet are traditionally present at each meal. Two chalet have to be blessed at each meal to commemorate the Jews who wandered in the desert after being freed from the Egyptians. Every morning, the wanderers were provided with one portion of bread. On Friday, they were offered two so they would not have to collect a portion on Sabbath.

Blessing and Song

The Sabbath is a time of plenty of blessings. Some are recited while others are partaken. The blessing recited after the meal is a central blessing. It is not particularly for Sabbath, but for every basically gives thanks for the land and its produce, and for the Almighty’s kindness in feeding all creatures. There is the option of singing the blessing or reciting it.

Sabbath Day

There is an additional festive midday meal on the Sabbath. On this day, Kiddush has to be recited. The version done on Saturday afternoon is different from the one done on Friday evening. A luxurious and long nap is the after lunch activity of choice for most Jews. Other activities include studying, reading and going for long meditative walks.


The Sabbath ends the same way it began: with light. The event is known as Havdalah. In this case, a single braided candle is used instead of two separate ones. The braided candles are used to symbolize the two separate flames that become one through unification of the Shabbat force. The ceremony includes blessing over light, spices, and wine. These are all for the God who distinguishes between the profane and the sacred (light and darkness).

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The Perfect Hanukkah Guide

Hanukkah, also known as Chanukkah, often falls between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and contrary to what some may think, it isn’t a Jewish Christmas. Also known as the “Festival of Lights,” Hanukkah lasts for eight days and nights from the 25th day of Kislev to the 2nd day of Tevet in the Hebrew calendar. While Hanukkah is regarded as a minor Jewish holiday, it’s the ideal time for Jewish families to spend evenings together while they sing, eat and play games.


The First Day of Hanukkah

On the first day of Hanukkah, Jewish families and friends often congregate in their homes, spending time together, playing games, eating and basking in the warmth of each other’s company in the cozy atmosphere that tends to settle nicely over this Jewish holiday. On the evening of the first day, families and friends gather round for the lighting of the hanukkiah, sometimes called a menorah, a nine-branched candelabra. On the first day of Hanukkah, a member of the family, sometimes with the help of the children, lights the ninth candle, which is known as the “shamash” meaning servant. Once the shamash is lit, all those gathered recite the three blessings of Hanukkah.

Day to Day Hanukkah

Each day of Hanukkah is unique, and it’s especially fun for children, who spend each day eating, playing games and spending quality time with their parents and siblings. Each evening, the ceremony of the first day is repeated with the setting of the sun. The blessings are recited, one more candle lit, and most families, upon the lighting of the next candle, will sing Hanukkah songs such as Ma’Oz Tzur (Rock of Ages).

Hanukkah customs

  • Hanukkiah Placement: The Hanukkiah is placed in a window to the left of the door for the world outside to see and remember the story of Hanukkah.
  • Traditional Hanukkah Food: Hanukkah celebrates the oil in the lamp burning for eight days in the Temple even though there was only enough for oil for one day. Because of that, traditional Hanukkah food is oily and consists of pancakes and donuts.
  • Giving Gifts: Hanukkah is also a time when family members give each other gifts. Some families give each other gifts on every day of the eight day-long Hanukkah holiday.
  • Spinning Top (driedel): Families gather round to play with the driedel, a spinning top, and often play for chocolate gold coins and nuts.
  • Gold Coins: A symbol of Jewish independence, chocolate gold coins are passed around and used during games of driedel to spread good cheer and warmth.

The Hanukkah driedel

A lot of games are played each day during Hanukkah but the most popular of all is ‘driedel.’ Driedel is popular with children and babies too because of the gold coin prizes also known as ‘gelt.’ Players each put a gold coin or nut into the pot before spinning the driedel. Each side of the driedel has a symbol, one to win the pot, one for half the pot, one for nothing and one to place another gold coin or nut into the pot.

Food eaten during Hanukkah

Cooking and eating generally happen every day of Hanukkah; popular foods include latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiot (Hanukkah jelly donuts).
No two days of Hanukkah are the same in regards to the activities. Some days are filled with cooking, with the children often helping out, and other days are spent playing games. The one thing every day of Hanukkah has in common though, are the cozy evenings spent together to light the Hanukkiah and spend precious time with family and friends.

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Discover the Range Of Kippahs for Sale

Kippahs is one of the most essential parts of Jewish men’s life. It’s actually hard to imagine a Jewish man without this particular headgear. There is basically a large connotation involved, which signifies a sense of pride for being a Jewish and remind them about the divine power of god. As a mark of surrender and acknowledgement to the almighty, Jewish men cover their head in Kippahs with utmost humility and devotion.

As per Jewish tradition, the practice of adorning Kippahs in every cultural function and wedding  has been prevalent since time immemorial, which helps the men represent their tradition and inheritance custom with full fervor.  Though many may view it as a conservative dressing, with the changing times, Kippahs have had their own evolution what with the availability of modern and stylish designs of Kippahs for sale.

  1. Religious attire – No matter how many rounds of changes we see in the style of Kippahs, the religious significance of it shall always remain intact. Whether it is Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, Kippahs command a major prominence. It basically depicts the faith of Jewish men towards the supremacy of the god, which they try to reaffirm by wearing this to all kinds of religious events.
  2. Style Statement – Thanks to a wide range of Kippahs for sale, this new generation has embraced the significance of Kippahs wholeheartedly. Youth generally like to experiment with different kind of fashion and do not appreciate resorting to one particular pattern and design. And the reason as to why the youths have adopted the culture of Kippahs is because they are well aware of the fact that wearing one would protect their religious importance and to boot help display their style sense with complete ease.
  3. Diversity in color – Gone are the days, when Kippahs had been available just in a certain shade. These days they can be found in variety, thereby giving people an opportunity to have their own individual choice of color. In an occasion, where you know all the male members would come covering their head with Kippahs, you surely would like to exhibit your personal style and the large collection of colorful Kippahs definitely help make this possible.
  4. Collection of fabrics –You could come across a wide array of fabrics in Kippahs. The lineup of fabrics would surely give you the clarity and can ease off your search as they are all present according to the varied Jewish cultural function and events. Your search can take you through various fabrics like; Deluxe satin kippahs , Embossed Kippahs, Foiled Kippahs, Knit Kippahs to name a few. The fact that there are all kinds of Kippahs for sale out there, you would not be confused with the limited choice and can take your pick in an effortless manner.
  5. A personalized affair – There are many who like to infuse their own say in the design of their attire. If you are one of those, then the personalization of Kippahs would be the right way to go for you. Rest assured your each predilection would be woven into the design.

With the availability of Kippahs for sale, you can buy one to showcase your traditionalism in a contemporary style and design.  Grab the best designs of Kippahs and become a modern vision.

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Comprehending the Phenomenon about Wedding Kippahs

Weddings are a special occasion, where everyone tries to turn up in their best. Especially if it is a Jewish marriage ceremony, men can be seen sporting wedding kippahs. Kippahs no doubt infuse a sense of class, elegance and pride in the wearer and give a traditional vision sans any compromise with the style quotient.  The fact is a Jewish wedding ceremony without kippahs cannot be imagined. In a nutshell, all the male members attending the event have to adorn Kippahs.

Wedding Kippahs

Kippahs though a religious essential also commands a fashionable connotation which Jewish men carries really well. If you are about to attend a Jewish wedding and you do not take along a kippah, you can be rest assured to be given one in the function. The fact is wedding kippahs are a must and in a way it signifies a Jewish culture.

1)  A wide range collection – Wedding Kippahs comes in extensive variety. Whether it is the designs or the colors, you can spot kippahs of large range. The occasion of weddings are as such; people put their best foot forward in the style game and considering today’s modern generation and contemporary men, it is quite unlikely for men to settle for a basic or limited range of design.

In order to offer oneself a stylish appearance, men generally look for something out-of-the –box and trendy and they surely won’t be disappointed with the variation they could find in Kippahs. The collection they would find would surely give them a confident look with a stand-out personality.

2)  Custom design option – Wedding Kippahs can also be customized as per one’s specification and desire. Though you can easily find a variety in the ready-made ones, you can still opt for a personalized kippah.  Rest assured expert craftsmen could capture your idea and give it a perfect design of your fancy.

3) Quality fabrics- When it comes to wedding kippahs, they are available in varied fabrics like; velvet, leather and many more amazing materials. Basically it is all about finding a kippah with an apt fabric with likeable shade. Considering the fact kippahs can be found in many different colors, they could go well with all kinds of attire. Whether you desire to adorn a traditional, modern or for that matter a fusion outfit, wedding kippahs can match up to everything you wear with its right fabric and ideal hue.

4)  Budget-friendly – When you contemplate to shop for wedding Kippahs, you can surely abandon the thought about spending an exhaustive price. The fact is wedding kippahs suits the pocket of variety level of earners and thus it is one of the most preferred choice for the Jewish people of all strata.

Want to enjoy the charm of a Jewish wedding? Get hold of wedding kippahs for that special fervor.

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Bat Mitzvah 101

What Is a Bat Mitzvah?

A Bat Mitzvah is a coming of age ceremony that occurs in Jewish tradition when a girl turns 12 years old. At that time, she is officially considered to be a “Bat Mitzvah.” A ceremony is held to recognize that the girl is now old enough to enjoy the same rights as an adult when it comes to participating in Jewish life and keeping the commandments. In return, she is now considered to be ethically and morally responsible for all of her actions and decisions.

A Bat Mitzvah additionally refers to the religious ceremony and party that coincides with a girl blossoming into her 12th year. The party that follows the ceremony also goes by this designation. Depending on which faucet of Judaism the family practices (Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox etc.), and the details surrounding the ceremony or whether there is to be a religious component at all, are up to each individual family.

History of the Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

During the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries; a variety of Jewish communities began celebrating the special time a girl became a Bat Mitzvah with a unique ceremony. This direction was a huge break from traditional Jewish custom that did not allow women to directly participating in religious ceremonies.

Origins of the Tradition

In 1922, the first concept of the bat mitzvah ceremony was performed by Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan for his daughter Judith. She was allowed the privilege of reading from the Torah once she officially became a Bat Mitzvah. This ceremony launched the evolution and development of the modern Bat Mitzvah and helped it evolve into what it is today.

What To Expect While Attending a Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah Kippot

Wearing a traditional bat mitzvah kippah or head covering was initially reserved for males during the service. In more liberal synagogues, females participate. Kippahs are worn out of respect for God and as a reflection of how sacred the ceremony space is. They are a non-denominational way to portray respect.

Custom kippahs can be chosen in a variety of colors, textures and materials to highlight the wearer’s individual style. It is common for proud parents to have a customized kippot made for the child with their name and the date embroidered inside. However, in some synagogues, lace head coverings or hats are worn by women instead.

Bat Mitzvah Traditions

In traditional synagogues, men and women sit on opposite sides; therefore, be prepared not to sit beside your spouse during the ceremony. You will hear some blessings in Hebrew at the synagogue, followed by the haltorah, or reciting of that week’s Torah component by the Bat Mitzvah. The Dvar Torah is often delivered afterwards, reflecting on the first 12 years and what contributions the celebrated young lady may make to the world may include now that she is an adult.

Typically, this ceremony takes place on a day of rest known as the Jewish Sabbath, celebrated Friday night through Saturday night.

Party Time! Mazel-tov!

A bat mitzvah is a huge celebration in the eyes of the family. It is important to remember that this is a party for a 12 year old girl. Gifts and cash are traditional but not required. Exceptional entertainment will be one of the memorable celebration factors of the evening. Amusement may range from a theme such as creating a winter wonderland or medieval times to hiring impersonators and belly dancers. It is not uncommon for Broadway musicals to captivate the audience. Regardless of the theme, be prepared to dance!

Circle dancing with the Horah is festive and fun. Get ready to hold hands and move around in circles. This traditional dance additionally involves lifting the hosts and immediate family into the air on a chair, and raising them higher and closer to the spiritual plane. This symbolically represents that team effort is required if we are to accomplish anything,

Have fun, enjoy the food and entertainment and be sure to congratulate the family on this momentous milestone!

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A History Of Hanukkah

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and eight nights, and begins on the 25th day of the month of Kislev on the lunar-based Jewish calendar. On a secular calendar, the dates vary from year to year, and can begin in either November or December. Hanukkah is also referred to as the Festival of Lights, and the word Hanukkah itself means “dedication”. This holiday has become one of the most widely recognized of the Jewish traditions.

The Story Behind Hanukkah

The events that led to the celebration we now know as Hanukkah represent a very troubled time in Jewish history. The Land of Israel, also known as Judea, became controlled by the Seceulid king of Syria, Antiochus III, around 200 B.C. At this point, the Jews were still allowed to continue practicing their religion. This was not to remain true because in 167 B.C., the Jewish temple was overtaken by the Syrian-Greek emperor Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the son of Antiochus III, who forced the Jewish people to worship Greek gods and made practicing Judaism an offense for which death was the chosen punishment.

The Jewish People Rebel

This resulted in a Jewish resistance movement, where several Jewish people joined together to rebel against the Greeks and reclaim their lands. This rebellion was led by a Jewish priest named Mattathias and his five sons. With the death of Mattathias in 166 B.C., his son Judah took over leadership of the rebellion and employed tactics similar to that of guerilla warfare in order to drive the Syrians out of Jerusalem. Eventually, after a period of about two years, the Jewish people were successful in regaining control of their Temple in Jerusalem.

The Temple had been defiled by the sacrificing of pigs and the worship of foreign gods during its Syrian occupation. In order to purify their Temple, the Jews planned to perform the burning of ritual oil in the Temple for a period of eight days. It was then realized that only enough ritual oil was left to burn for one day; but something wonderful happened and the oil lasted the entire eight days. This event was recognized as a miracle by the Jewish sages, and they proclaimed that an eight day celebration should be held each year to commemorate what happened during the rededication of the Temple. Hanukkah is celebrated to remember the miracle of the ritual oil, which is why the celebration is eight days long.


Hanukkah has inspired many Jewish traditions, including the lighting of the menorah, playing the dreidel game, receiving gifts on each of the eight nights, and eating foods cooked in oil representing the miracle of the oil lasting a full eight days.

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Want to give a Jewish home a housewarming gift? Making a Bar-Mitzvah, Bat-Mitzvah, Bris, or Wedding? Why not check out our complete line of over 250 yarmulkes / kippots. If you don’t see what you want, feel free to call us and we will be glad to do our best to help you create a kippah for your special event.

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We offer over 300 beautifully crafted kippahs designed to suit any event, occasion or style! –  For instance, you might want a colorful skull cap for a special event, a black kippah for a funeral, a custom kippot for a Jewish boy who will be Bar-Mitzvahed at age 13 or a special kippah for a Jewish Girl who will be Bat-Mitzvahed at the age of 12.

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