Samples of Personalization

Your bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah is a day that you want to remember. For this reason, having a personalized kippah made for the occasion is something that many individuals will choose to have completed. When having these items personalized, you want to be able to select every fine detail, from the style of the print, the size of the letters, the colors of the kippah and of the engraving, and more. In addition to personalized design, we also provide these items in various different material finishes, allowing you to custom create your new kippah to commemorate a special milestone in your life.

Select Any Text

We can personalize a kippah with a variety of different texts. If you would like to have your name, a special date, or anything else engraved, we can personalize any of these dates for you. Further, we can create personalized commemorative items as well. If you would like to have a special message written for a family member, or if you simply want a unique item to be worn to special events or occasions, we can create a kippah that will stand out from the crowd and represent your unique personality.

You Select the Finish

In addition to personalized engravings, or messages, we can also create the custom design on a variety of material finishes. Whether you choose a silk, knit, or leather kippah, we can personalize it any way that suits you. If you are looking for a kippah to wear on your bar mitzvah, and want a distinct look, we can custom create a leather kippah for your big day. If you want an item to be worn every day, we can provide more affordable and practical options. Regardless of the material, custom text, message, or occasion, we can create a custom look for you.

Whether celebrating a big day, purchasing a kippah as a gift, or looking for something unique, we can create the perfect yarmulke for you. In addition to the diverse designs we offer, we guarantee the quality of our work, and provide you with the best rates, whether you are ordering one or several personalized kippahs from our site.










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