What is Kippahs all about?

When you will walk down to the market then at that moment you will find lots of kippah in the market. But it is sub divided in only two forms, one is the cloth kippahs and the other one is the Suede kippahs. The kippahs are worn out on the head as the skullcap by the traditional Jewish men. It was observed that the majority of the people who came to buy kippah opted for the suede kippahs. And this is the reason when this particular product gained some exposure. There are some moments when wearing a kippahs become mandatory for the Jewish men. Those moments include like attending any religious ceremony such as brit milahs, wedding and bar mitzvahs.

The only source that was found for wearing kippah was in Talmud. You will be amazed to know that in Shabbat 156b it has been clearly stated that you need to cover your head in order that the fear of heaven may be upon you. Apart from this in Kiddushin 31a, it is written that you must never walk for 4 cubits which stands around to be two meters with his head uncovered. And the reason behind it is that the divine presence is always over our head. The Suede kippahs gained lots of attention in the market due to its comfortable and attractive look but at the same time, the cloth kippahs lacks these features. So, people started purchasing the Suede kippahs as they find this one very much to carry.

Suede kippahs

Mentioned below are some of the reasons for which you need to wear Kippahs. They include:

  • The first and foremost thing is that God is above mankind
  • It gives you somewhat identity of being a Jewish people
  • You have fear of god
  • Acceptance of the 613 mitzvot which is nothing other than the Torah commandments

Apart from all this, if you are a boy over 13 years of age then you must cover your head by wearing the kippahs and it is all because of the Torah law. Moreover, you will come across several Jews who will wear two head coverings. Usually, you will find that they are wearing kippah covered by some hat. This is only because of the kabbalistic teaching, as the Jews people believe that the two covering correspond to some two levels of intellect or in other words you can also say as two levels in respect of fear from God.

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