What to wear in a Synagogue

There is a lot depending on what we are wearing to which place. It is important that we keep that in mind. What we wear has the power to transform our outer and inner look and we should realize that very well. Wearing a sports uniform might transform your support and love for the game to a higher level. That is the power of dressing up for an occasion. The same is applicable when Jewish traditions are taken into consideration. However, there is some sort of confusion when it comes to “What to wear in a Synagogue”. Many are acquainted with the Kippah and even the variations like suede kippahs or sports kippahs, but there is less idea about the other wearings. The three most well known and widespread accessories to a Jewish Synagogue are Kippah, Tallit, and Tefillin. Each of them is special in their own way and there are different ways to sport them.

Tallit: You must have seen Jewish men putting a Tallit, but might not know the name for it. Tallit is a rectangular prayer shawl with strings called tzitzit tied in a certain pattern in its four corners. Tallit can be made of several materials like wool, linen, silk, or any other fabric. The general design is black or blue stripes on white, but there might be variations here. Tallit is worn at various times depending on the time of the year and synagogue rules. There are certain rules for wearing this particular garment, which should be made clear with the synagogue.

Kippah: By far the most known Jewish clothing is the Kippah. It is a simple skullcap. Today, kippahs can be associated with all things Jewish and that’s because the options one gets while buying a Kippah. There are several options like suede kippahs, or sports kippahs, or even deluxe satin kippahs. All of these variations are valid and even bring out an angle of style in the Jewish traditions. Traditionally, Kippahs are worn by men almost all the time and they are accepted in any form. The importance of kippahs increases during special events like Bar/Bat Mitzvah and weddings. Suede kippahs bring out a sense of elegance to the event and can be personalized as well.

Tefillin: Tefillin comprise of two dark cowhide boxes, containing material with transcribed verses of Torah on them, and straps to hold them on. One is worn on the bicep, with its strap, tied in a specific bunch, wound seven circumstances around one’s non-predominant arm and hand; the other is worn on the brow, exactly at the hairline. Tefillin are fairly uncommon in many reform communities and common in orthodox ones.

These are the three basic clothing accessories that you would find in a Jewish synagogue. You can choose any one of them and pray to the lord for well-being. There is elegance in suede kippahs and devotion in tefillin. It depends on the community and the synagogue you are attending what is deemed suitable to wear and what not.

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